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IANT: Parent Organization


The Islamic Association of North Texas (IANT), located at 840 Abrams Road in Richardson, TX, is a non-profit organization of Muslims dedicated to worship, education, and community service in the Richardson (North Texas) area.

The organization currently provides the following services:

  • Five daily prayers

  • Jumu‘ah (Friday) prayers

  • Taraweeh prayers

  • Eid prayers

  • Janazah (Funeral) prayers

  • A full-time Quranic School program (IQA)

  • An Islamic Sunday school program

  • Ghusl (washing of the deceased) facility at the Masjid

  • Speakers for churches, prisons, schools, universities, and other institutions

  • Dawah Distribution of Zakah and Fitrah

  • Library facility in the masjid for Islamic research

  • Medical Clinic (for Muslims & non-Muslims)

  • Family and marriage counseling services

  • Multipurpose Hall for recreational and community

  • Outreach programs for new and non-Muslims activities

  • Collins Musallah in the Telecom Corridor

IANT encourages brothers and sisters of all faiths to come visit our masjid (mosque) and facilitates tours and other outreach activities.

IANT is the proud parent organization of the IANT Quranic Academy (IQA), Suffa Islamic Seminary (SIS), and IANT Youth.  

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Hajj Simulation
Hajj Simulation by IQA Students Sept 8th, 2016, 10am to Noon, IANT Multipurpose Hall.
Curriculum Night
Meet your child's teacher and ask your questions.

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  • 08 September 2016
    Hajj Simulation
    Hajj Simulation by IQA Students Join with your family.
  • 07 September 2016
    Curriculum Night
    Meet your child's teacher and ask your questions

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