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Extracurricular Activities

IQA offers numerous extracurricular activities in the form of classes, clubs, and competition. 

UTD After school coding club

3-4 grade code clube

6-8 grade coding clube


Calligraphy Club



ICNA Quiz Competition


PSIA Competition


Science Club

Faculty Sponsor: Sr. Sarah Hammouri

Student Council

Faculty Sponsor: Sr. Aisha Ashraf

Yearbook Team

Sponsor: Sr. Sarah Hashmi

Yearbook Team is an exclusive and dedicated group of students that work on preserving and showcasing the best of IQA in the annual yearbook. The students who join this team know that this requires a lot of work - hours and hours of designing, writing, and editing - but they also enjoy the creative opportunities available through such activities. It is an outlet for playing around with pictures, fonts, stories, colors, graphics, and everything else that goes into capturing memorable moments, as well as an opportunity to build school spirit, and nurture team work ethic and bonds. The team also works on fundraising for team activities, marketing the yearbook to parents and students, and managing sales. All this provides each member with experience and innovative skills that enhance their academic career. And as we continuously work on improving our publishing report, we hope, in the near future inshaAllah, to qualify for high-ranking scholastic competitions.


High School Volunteer Activities : IQA Leadership Program

  • IQA Saturdays at Helping Hands in Richardson, TX
  • Next NHS event: March 15th, Scottish Rite, taking toys to the children's hospitals. 

High school students are highly encouraged to participate in a variety of extra-curricular activities and internships to enhance their learning, make them a well-rounded person, and to strengthen their academic resume. IQA strives to offer various avenues through our Leadership Program for our students to participate in, such as Red Cross blood drive, Islamic Relief Day of Dignity, North Texas Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, Community Fundraisers, and much more. Students are still expected to be proactive and find their own areas where they can serve and have a meaningful experience to enrich their learning and chance of being a competitive college candidate. Follow the link above for more information.

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    Hajj Simulation
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    Curriculum Night
    Meet your child's teacher and ask your questions

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