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Donations  and Fundraising

Tuition at IQA is set based on what is deemed generally affordable to parents and does not cover the entire cost of education for each student. IQA parents who are blessed with the ability to donate beyond the cost of tuition are highly encouraged to do so. Some companies offer corporate gift-matching and parents should make every effort to learn what programs their employers offer to bring additional resources for the benefit of our students. IQA parents are also an excellent source spreading goodwill for the school in the community and should share the opportunity with friends and relatives to sponsor the noble mission of preserving the Quran and developing American Muslim scholars with their tax-exempt donations.

All donations are greatly appreciated. Please note that all donations are accepted on the basis that the giving individual is providing the donation as a gesture of generosity and kindness with no expectation of anything in return. All donations are tax deductible, non-refundable, and non-transferable. Donations may be made by setting up a recurring credit/debit card payment or automatic checking withdrawal. Of course, cash or check is also accepted.

Although you will receive a similar receipt, payments made towards PTO membership or to purchase an item [such as School Supply Packs] from the PTO are not considered tax-deductible as you are receiving something in return.



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