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Our Teachers

Name: Samira el Alami
Title: Arabic teacher, Arabic team lead
College/University: University Mohammed 5 in Morocco.
Degree/Education: Degree in Arabic and social study .

Name: Souad Zaher
Title: Elementary and Secondary Arabic Teacher
College/University: Al Fateh University , Tripoli, Libya
Degree/Education: Bachelors of Literature and Education major in Philosophy and

I possess over twenty years of teaching experience and have taught at IQA for the last 13 years, Alhamdullilah.I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, specializing in Philosophy and Sociology, from Al-Fateh University in Libya. I have completed sixteen hours of graduate courses in Education at Indiana State University in Terre-Haute, Indiana. I have also completed 48+ hours at Richland College in English, math, and technology studies to further my abilities as an instructor.

Taught Islamic Studies and Arabic at IANT Sunday School.

Director of Weekend School at Lifta Society in Garland along with teaching Islamic Studies and Arabic.

Taught secondary social studies in Jamila Secondary School in Libya.

Taught Saudi Curriculum in Ahmed bin Hambal in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Name: Mohamed Zedan
Title: Arabic teacher
College/University: Alexandria University,Egypt
Degree/Education: Ph.D degree in “ ussoul Al feqh”. Master in Islamic jurisprudence. B.A in literature and education- Arabic language and Islamic studies.
3 years of teaching Arabic and Islamic education in middle and high schools in Egypt and Yemen.
8 years of teaching in Islamic universities, Arabic as a second language and Islamic Studies.
3 years in the faculty of humanities –University of Alexandria- Arabic as a second language.
11 years on in the founding period, as responsible for shari’a disk, deputy Editor in chief, and G.M of English Division.
2 years with Islamic relief and human relief in Europe.
3 months as a consultant with the GM of the Int. center of moderation-Kuwait.
Member of the Int. Union of Muslim Scholars.
Member of Journalists syndicate.

Name: Shpendim Nadzaku
Title: 11th Grade Arabic Teacher
College/University: Islamic University of Medinah
Degree/Education: A.A. TEACHING ARABIC AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE, B.A. SHARIAH.15 years of teaching experience