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Name: Sabia Yousuf
Title: 5th grade homeroom teacher
Math and science teacher for 4th, 5th grades.
PSIA District Coordinator.
Scripps National Spelling Bee School Coordinator.
Email: syousuf@myiqa.org
College/University: University of Texas at Dallas
Degree/Education: Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with Teaching Certificate as Generalist for EC-6 grades
ESL K-12 grades

Name: Saba Farrukh
Title:  4th Grade Homeroom Teacher, Subject specialist for English language arts and Social studies.
Email: sfarrukh@myiqa.org
College/University: University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan.
Degree/Education:  Masters in English Literature, Certified in 4 to 8 Social Studies,
English Language Arts and Reading and ESL certified.

Name: Heena Chaudhry
Title: 3rd Grade Homeroom Teacher
Email: hchaudhry@myiqa.org
College/University: University of Texas at Dallas
Degree/Education:BA Economics and Finance.
Texas Certified EC-6 ESL and 4-8 Generalist

Name: Farah Qureshi
Title: 2nd Grade Homeroom Teacher
Email: fqureshi@myiqa.org
Degree Education/ College or University:
Masters of Arts Degree in Graphic Design & Mass Communication- National College of
Arts, LHR, Pakistan
Masters of Arts Degree in Education Instruction and Curriculum
Teacher Certification K-8 Highly Qualified Teacher (AEPA/NCLB)- Arizona State
University, Tempe, Arizona
Texas Certified Teacher EC-6

Name: Sabiha Peer
Title: 1st Grade Homeroom Teacher
Email: speer@myiqa.org
College/University: University of India
Degree/Education: Bachelors Degree in Science
Bachelors Degree in Education
Texas Certified Teacher in Generalist EC – 6

Name: Meriem Guemi
Title: Kindergarten homeroom teacher
Email: mguemi@myiqa.org

Name: Sayeedur Rahman
Title: Physical Education Teacher
Email: srahman@myiqa.org
Degree/Education: Bachelor of Physical Education,
Certified Physical Education Teacher from Texas Education Agency
EC through 12 In Physical Education
Diploma in Coaching
Certified Coach in Soccer,
Certified Coach from USPTA & PTR Registry Tennis
Certified in Archery
1800 USA Table Tennis Rating Player
Played in varsity Level Field Hockey, Volleyball & Played National level in Soccer