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Financial Aid

IQA recognizes that Islamic education is essential for all Muslim children regardless of their financial status and therefore efforts will be made to reduce tuition for families who qualify.

Availability of financial aid depends on the amount allocated by IANT from the zakat fund, as well as the generosity of private donors.

To be considered for financial aid, families in need must complete a Financial Aid Form 2021-22 (which can also be obtained from the school administration office) and submit it with all supporting documents to IQA. The school’s financial aid committee will review applications confidentially. Families who qualify for financial aid will still be responsible for the remainder of the tuition balance for each child. Any change in the financial status of aid recipients should be reported in writing to the IQA administration in order to make the allocated funds available to other families in need. Periodic reviews for changes in financial status may be made at any time and the amount of aid may be adjusted based on the recommendations of the reviewing team.