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Our Teachers

Name: Samia Ayachi
Title: Hifz Teacher Middle and High School
Mail: sayachi@myiqa.org
College/University: University of Tunis
Degree/Education: Business Administration
Received the following Ijazaat with their sanad (chain):
• Ijaza in recitation of “Hafss an Asim”
• Ijaza in “Osul Hafss and Shoaba”
• Ijaza in recitation of “Qaloon ‘An Naafi”
• Ijaza in “Tohfat-ul-Atfal”
• Ijaza on “Hadeeth Al-Bayqooniya” Accredited by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs – Saudi Arabia
• Ijaza in “Tayibatu Annashir” Accredited by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs – Saudi Arabia

Name: Sheikh Syed Abdullahi

Name: Mohamed Zedan
Title: Arabic and Hifz Teacher
Email: mzedan@myiqa.org
College/University: Alexandria Uni,Egypt
Degree/Education: Ph.D degree in “ ussoul Al feqh”. Master in Islamic jurisprudence. B.A in literature and education- Arabic language and Islamic studies.
3 years of teaching Arabic and Islamic education in middle and high schools in Egypt and Yemen. -8 years of teaching in Islamic universities, Arabic as a second language and Islamic Studies. -3 years in the faculty of humanities –University of Alexandria- Arabic as a second language. -11 years on islamonline.net in the founding period, as responsible for shari’a disk, deputy Editor in chief, and G.M of English Division. -2 years with Islamic relief and human relief in Europe. -3 months as a consultant with the GM of the Int. center of moderation-Kuwait. -Member of the Int. Union of Muslim Scholars. -Member of Journalists syndicate.

Name: Majeeda Jangda
Title: Hifz teacher
Email: jangdafamily@yahoo.com
College: Government college for women Pakistan

Name: Abdullah Deeb
Title: Hifz Teacher
Email: adeeb@myiqa.org
Degree/Education: He graduated from the University of Damascus, with a Bachelors degree in Arabic Language and Islamic Studies, and a masters in Humanities studies.

He is an imam and kahtib in different Metroplex areas. He is a Hafiz and holds both Ijazas in tajweed and hifdh.