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Our Teachers

Name: Samia Ayachi
Title: Hifz Teacher Middle and High School
Mail: sayachi@myiqa.org
College/University: University of Tunis
Degree/Education: Business Administration
Received the following Ijazaat with their sanad (chain):
• Ijaza in recitation of “Hafss an Asim”
• Ijaza in “Osul Hafss and Shoaba”
• Ijaza in recitation of “Qaloon ‘An Naafi”
• Ijaza in “Tohfat-ul-Atfal”
• Ijaza on “Hadeeth Al-Bayqooniya” Accredited by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs – Saudi Arabia
• Ijaza in “Tayibatu Annashir” Accredited by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs – Saudi Arabia

Name: Zoukikha Hizoum
Title: 7th and 8th grade Hifz Teacher
Email: zhizoum@myiqa.org
College/University: Algeria University , Richland college
Degree/Education: Bachelor degree in Hydrolique and Associate degree in general science
finished all the advance tajweed class working in Ejazaa

Name: Sheikh Syed Abdullahi

Name: Mohamed Zedan
Title:Arabic teacher Elementary, Middle and high grades
Email: mzedan@myiqa.org
College/University: Alexandria University, Egypt.
Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan
City International University, CA, USA.
Degree/Education: Ph.D. in “ Ussoul Al-feqh”.
City International University, CA, USA.
Master in Islamic Jurisprudence.
Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan.
Diploma in Education.
Alexandria, University, Egypt.
B.A in Literature and Education- Arabic Language and Islamic Studies
Alexandria, University, Egypt.
Training Courses in Information and Press.
Training Courses in Management of Media Institutions.

Ph.D degree in “ ussoul Al feqh”. Master in Islamic jurisprudence. B.A in literature and education- Arabic language and Islamic studies.
3 years of teaching Arabic and Islamic education in middle and high schools in Egypt and Yemen. -8 years of teaching in Islamic universities, Arabic as a second language and Islamic Studies. -3 years in the faculty of humanities –University of Alexandria- Arabic as a second language. -11 years on islamonline.net in the founding period, as responsible for shari’a disk, deputy Editor in chief, and G.M of English Division. -2 years with Islamic relief and human relief in Europe. -3 months as a consultant with the GM of the Int. center of moderation-Kuwait. -Member of the Int. Union of Muslim Scholars. -Member of Journalists syndicate.

Name: Majeeda Jangda
Title: Hifz teacher
Email: jangdafamily@yahoo.com
College: Government college for women Pakistan

Name: Sahar Mhaisen
Title: Hifz teacher
Email: smhaisen@myiqa.org

ma’had al khidmah al ijtima’iyah ‘syria
‘graduated from high school and received degree in teaching student with speech and hearing impairment using sign language.and also consoler for them.


Ma’had alkhidmah ijtima’iyah’syria 2004
ijaza for complete Quran, Jordan 2014–2016
Certificate for arbeena enawaiiwiah Jordan
Certification in daouah from dar Umahat Al-muomeneeen
Fiqh, Hadith, and seerah studies from 2012-2016.

In Syria, I started teaching in Hifdth Al-Quran in masjid Saeed Ahmad 2005-2008.
From 2009-2012 I started teaching in masjid Al-adnan
From 2016-2019 responsible for the hifdh program in Salam Academy
From 2016/present part-time teacher in Epic masjid Quran reading and nadirah
2019 – present IQA currently working at a much larger private school operated by our local Richardson masjid, the Islam association of north Texas (IANT).
Here at the IANT Quranic Academy (IQA), I’m working as a part of a large team within the Hifdth department.
From being both a self-starter and team player, my various experiences have taught me the importance of patience, cooperation, and coordination in everything I set out to do.


Name: Samira Rasidagic
Title: Qur’an teacher /2th 5th 8th 10th/
Email: srasidagic@myiqa.org
College/University: Bachelor degree in Islamic Studies
Degree/Education: University of Eman. 10 years of teaching experience.

Name: Tareq Houroub
Title: Hifz teacher
Email: thouroub@myiqa.org
College/University: Degree in engineering,Damascus university
Degree/Education: Ijazaa and Memorization of Holy Quran.  4 years of teaching experience