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Name:Taghreed Aljaafreh
Title: Secondary Math Teacher & Secondary Team Lead
Email: taljaafreh@myiqa.org
College/University: University of Texas at Dallas
Degree/Education: Masters of Arts of Teaching in Mathematics Education
Texas Certified in Math 4-12th.

Name: Sarah Hammouri
Title: Secondary Science Teacher
Email: shammouri@myiqa.org
University: Chemistry & Environmental science Yarmouk university /Jordan.
Master of Art of teaching in science Education university ( UTD).
Teacher certification (4th-12th).

Name: Mariane Shalabi
Title: 6-9 English Language Arts Teacher
Email: mshalabi@myiqa.org
College/University: Bir Zeit University
Degree/Education: Bachelor’s Degree in English Language Arts and Linguistics

Name: Saba Farrukh
Title: Subject specialist for English language arts and Social studies.
Email: sfarrukh@myiqa.org
College/University: Punjab University.
Degree/Education: Masters of arts in English Language arts and Literature.
Highly qualified teacher for English language arts and Reading.
Highly qualified teacher for Social studies.
Certified by Texas Education Agency for both subjects.

Name: Oumhani Achour
Title: Social Studies teacher (7th, 8th, AP Human Geography and AP U.S History).
Email: oachour@myiqa.org
College/University: University of Aix en Provence, France.
Degree/Education: Bachelors in History

Name: Matlock Cooper
Title: ELA 10th grade
Email: mcooper@myiqa.org

Name: Sayeedur Rahman
Title: Physical Education Teacher
Email: srahman@myiqa.org
Degree/Education: Bachelor of Physical Education,
Certified Physical Education Teacher from Texas Education Agency
EC through 12 In Physical Education
Diploma in Coaching
Certified Coach in Soccer,
Certified Coach from USPTA & PTR Registry Tennis
Certified in Archery
1800 USA Table Tennis Rating Player
Played in varsity Level Field Hockey, Volleyball & Played National level in Soccer