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Profile of an IQA Graduate

The ‘Profile of an IQA Graduate’ is a model and framework for each student to consider, aspire to and reflect upon. IQA graduates are encouraged to integrate knowledge and religious beliefs in order to develop a mature and active faith, a deep respect for truth, high standards of personal integrity and genuine concern for others.

IQA’s mission is to form graduates who are:
Upright and Noble
The character of an IQA graduate should reflect what they have learned through their study and memorization of the Quran. Their role model is the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and they all continually strive to follow in his footsteps.

Intellectually Competent
Learned in both the secular and academic subjects, IQA graduates get the academic advantage of completing two years of coursework at the Junior College level, through the dual credit program at Richland College.  They also have the foundations to pursue further Islamic scholarship by graduating with ijazah (certification) in numerous Islamic subjects.

Committed to Service
This means being aware of the need for social change and learning ways to advocate for the less fortunate. As future Muslim leaders, IQA Graduates are taught to be service-oriented throughout their time at the school.

Leaders and Scholars
IQA graduates aim to fill the void in Muslim leaders and scholars that we face in the United States today.