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Our Teachers

Name: Mohammad Abdullah Khan
Title: Team Lead Qiraah Department
Email: akhan@myiqa.org
College/University: Government College Lahore, University of Punjab, Pakistan
Degree/Education: Bachelor in Philosophy / Ijazah in Hafs Recitation of Quran /
Finished Recitation of The Quran.

Name: Asmaa Aishat
Title: Qiraah Department Teacher
Email: aaishat@myiqa.org
College/University: American University ,Virginia.
Degree/Education: Bachelors of Arts in Islamic Studies and Arabic language
Asmaa Aishat has over a decade experience in teaching religious studies for different grade levels. She began her teaching at IQA in 2005 as a Alim teacher. She served in different Islamic organizations in the art and tarbiyah fields. She also worked in many fields of art such as calligraphy, graphic design, video-making and architectural projects. In regards to literature, Asmaa has authored multiple literature works including novels and poetry. For several years, she has participated as a judge for the annual ICNA competition and was the co-founder of the Qiraa department at IQA.

Name: Inas Ibrahim
Title: Qiraah Department teacher
Email: iibrahim@myiqa.org

Name: Taghreed Saleh
Title: Hifz and Qiraah Teacher from 1st to 12th
Email: tsaleh@myiqa.org
College/University: Bitman Training Center
Degree/Education: associate degree in secretary /Ijazah in Quran